New Beer: Bulldog Bob Brown on tap now.

The Zigzagger IPA: Well stocked.
Thriller chocolate porter: Well stocked.
Dos Jefes IPA: Well stocked.
The Bachelor Double IPA: Well stocked.


Dr. Feelgood

6.8% - 69 IBU

Barley, wheat and rye give Feelgood a complex dry body, but the star of the show is its unrestrained use of zingy hops offering fruit, citrus and resin to the nose and palate. We make it all the time.

Bad Moon Rye Stout

6.1% - 40 IBU

We wondered what would happen if we put more sticky rye in a mash than we thought reasonable. This beer was the result.

Born under a bad sign, our rye stout is a rich and smooth, tasting of coffee, cocoa and molasses and smoke with a slightly off-dry finish. It’s always in stock.

Big Papa

5.8% - 38 IBU

A somewhat unorthodox take on crowd-pleasing beer, this American pale ale includes peach and apricot and has notes of caramel and toast.

Flavourful and juicy, yet dry and easy drinking, Papa ends with hop flavor and aroma. It’s part of our regular lineup.

Down By The River

5.3% - 29 IBU

We found a way to capture sunshine in a can. DBR is crisp and clean with a tantalizingly full feel through the magic of wheat and oats.

Featuring a nose hinting of flowers and fresh-squeezed lemons, DBR finishes dry with a mild bitterness. We make DBR year round.

Space Dragon black IPA

7% - 62 IBU

Tropical with a hint of char on the finish, supported by a pleasant lingering bitterness. We’ll make it again once we get our hands on some Galaxy hops. If you have even 11 pounds, please let us know.

Thriller chocolate porter

7.8% - 44 IBU

With a round bitter coco taste and a smooth texture, Thriller is sure to delight seasoned and green beer drinkers alike. Our friends at Hummingbird Chocolate up the road in Almonte kindly selected and sourced the Dominican coco nibs used in this brew. It’s on the shelves now.

Dos Jefes grapefruit-vanilla IPA

7% - 61 IBU

When Chris and Shane of The Wellington Gastropub asked if we could make a grapefruit-vanilla IPA for their 10th anniversary party, we said “Absolutely”. It’s a bit wacky, but totally awesome. In stock today.

The Zigzagger IPA

7% - 62 IBU

Piney in aroma, smooth in texture, The Zigzagger ends with citrus peel. We’ve got it in stock.

The Bachelor Double IPA

8.8% - 88 IBU

A rare release from the Stalwart brewhouse redolent of oranges and stone fruit, The Bachelor is bold yet soft, feral yet refined. In stock today.




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